With a few modifications and focusing a lot, you can pass the bar exam even working full-time.

Firstly I’d say, it’s not my suggestion to those students who work full-time during the bar exam. But some student finds themselves in this situation. It’s better to avoid working full-time during this period. Bar Exam requires a lot of time, attention and focus. But if you are compelled to work, then you gotta be smart. With a few modifications and focusing a lot, you can pass the bar exam even working full-time. A few tips are included below.

Start Early

You need to start studying early in the bar exam season. Cause full-time working shortens you studying time period. But do not go for starting too early. You can’t study in all your free times. Studying for 6-8 month may not result good both in your work and study. It’s better to start 2 months before the exam starts. You can start taking preparation in April if you have an exam in July, or in November if your xm is in February.

It would be great if you could start taking your bar preparations early in the morning. I highly recommend you to make a schedule early in the morning for 1-2 hours. When you wake up after a good sleep your brain gets ready to take anything. And if in this time you study, the knowledge will get stored easily. And as the day passes, your workload increases and it works as a relief as you prepare for that day has already been taken. So at the end of the day, you’ll find some time to relax.

Get Organized

If you are not studying in a well-organized manner, then most probably you’re wasting your time. By organized manner, I mean doing at the right time. If you sit for study and realize you left your book in the car then you rush to get back, after coming come you realize the pen is missing. A moment later you check your facebook profile. Now if this cycle repeats every day, then you are wasting your time.

It’s ok if you have plenty of time. But as we know you are on a very tight schedule, so you can’t afford to waste your precious time. Now, to avoid this hampers, you’ve gotta check before you sit for study. Check if you have everything near you or not. Check on the notebooks, laptop, charger, earphone, earplug, food and a sweet playlist of study tunes. Don’t think it’s enough. Check everything and then you start your study. By this, you can avoid wasting your time every day.

Avoid the Videos

This advice is for repeat takers who have already gone through the who bar preparation. The provided video lectures take a lot of time, and most of the students do not get the most benefit of it when it comes to the points on the test. Rather investing your time in those videos, I’d suggest you go through your hard times. REcheck o what mistakes you did the last time and how can you avoid them and pass the test.

Give Priority to the Practice Questions

This is a good advice for every candidate and very crucial. Practice questions are most important part of bar prep, but most of the students aren’t doing enough. I’d suggest you practice MBE questions every single day during bar preparations and writing essays several times a week. This will enhance your preparations easily.

Maximize Break Time

Since you don’t have much time, it would be a better option to practice during the break times of the day. To be more precise, in your lunchtime or commute time. You can write an essay or solve a practice question at lunch time. If you are traveling you can go through some flashcards or short notes. And if you are driving you can listen to the audio tapes reinforce law.

Follow these tips and I hope you complete your bar prep in time. This tips will make you more confident for the exam even though you are working full-time. But you have to be patient. Things at first might frustrate you. You might feel you don’t have much time but your study load is much. Just relax and find your free times to study. This will gradually reduce your stress and help you complete your preparations in no time.

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