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A Showcase for Undergraduate Student Research Projects -“Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to Be Known”

Who is it for?

Research is meant to be shared and used as building blocks on the trail of knowledge. Your research project began as an individual idea but you built on that idea from the knowledge gained by others and then added your own experiments, analysis, expertise and opinions or thesis. UndergraduateResearch.org is a venue to enable students to share their accomplishments with others and to create the adjacent possibles to develop those stepping stones in the minds of others and continue down the path of discovery.

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Authentic Unpublished Research Projects

UndergraduateResearch.org hopes to enable students whose research works are valuable to be experienced by others. This is not a peer-reviewed collection of researched works; it is a collection of unpublished original academic research projects created by undergraduate students along their post-secondary educational journey – Said By Joomla Templates

Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to providing the opportunity to share student works of research with the academic community, many scholarship opportunities are now requiring students to post the essay portions of their applications to a school or personal website. UndergraduateResearch.org provides those who do not have access to either of those website posting options with a forum to have their works included for consideration in such scholarship opportunities – Said By Best Adirondack Chairs

Learn from the very best

Many of these works have been presented at undergraduate research conferences and students have had the opportunity to share their findings with professors, faculty, distinguished speakers, family and colleagues however for others, this may be the only time their works have been seen outside of their own classroom. UndergraduateResearch.org was created to serve all of the hardworking undergraduate students at two and four-year institutions because, in the immortal words of Carl Sandberg “Somewhere, something is waiting to be discovered.”

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